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Papione Presentation

New Character doing workshops. We’d like to introduce our newest character, Positively Papione. His intent in life is stress reduction management, couple with personal goal setting. This 45 minute presentation is loaded with visual props, music, laughter and merriment.

It is currently offered at the rate of $150 per performance and is ideal for “Lunch and Learn” and employee wellness workshops., etc., for the Denver area. Experience includes years of teaching, 3 college degrees, non-profit management, thousands of performances as Coconut the Clown and Santa Claus. Hire a professional for your next employee event.

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New Character to Entertain

We are featuring a new character, Papione with a show called Positively Papione.

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COCONUT the Clown Deposit Policy

When does a COCONUT booking become official?  Upon receipt of your deposit. For birthdays, we do ask a 50.00 deposit to hold the date and time at the time you book. The deposit can be paid be credit card or E-check via Paypal and must be received within 2 days of booking your party with COCONUT.  Why a deposit?  With so many Denver birthday clown requests, we can only do so many in a given day. Until we receive your deposit, your reservation is considered tentative. Once we receive the deposit, we will mail you a postcard as your confirmation (if there are enough mailing days available).  The deposit ensures that the reserved time slot is yours. Cancellations that occur prior to 7 days in advance will receive a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations that occur within one week of the scheduled event are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.  No refund or credit will be offered if the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the party is scheduled.  For birthday parties only, if an emergency arises and you need to reschedule your party-call immediately and you may be able to avoid the cancellation fee.

For larger events, (including Santa Claus) the deposit is 1/3 of the total price + any add’l costs due when the show is booked, with the balance due the day of the scheduled event. For larger events, including Santa Claus, the policy is full refund of deposit if cancellation occurs 14 days in advance of the show date, 1/2 of deposit will be refunded 7 days prior for larger shows and no refund if cancellation happens less than 6 days prior to the scheduled date.

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